After the Fringe episodes, where we had some of the most amazing up and coming and established comics ever on our show (including Chloe Petts, Kiell Smith Bynoe, Ivo Graham and Amy Webber, to name, merely, 4), we wanted to get back to our roots a bit in a return to form with our guests as the crème de la brulee of UK battle rap.

It was only about 50% of the way into planning that I realised that I, personally, had battled 6/8 of them (the exceptions being Lunar C and Soljitsu (“wait – you haven’t battled Dekay either!” haven’t I? Yes I HAVE. I battled her in 2012 at my very first event, a freestyle tournament that saw me first paired up against Lefty. When I BEAT him (I still don’t know how (how many brackets deep are we, at this point?)) I then went on to battle Dekay and Mr Midi Intellect in a 3-way (which rhymes with Dekay) battle. Midi got eliminated from the comp at that stage and then Dekay booted me out, so, yes, I HAVE battled her. And lost. Anyway, back to the non-parenthesised portion of this text.)) 


These episodes were some of the most fun we’ve ever filmed. We also tried something new, namely, me hosting by myself, with Bleez back in Rhyme square, just like we used to do on the online episodes. Personally, I loved the challenge of running the show solo and would love to do it again, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on it, too.

Anyway, episode 8 is being released today, so we’re very eager to see the response. If you would like to see episode 9, featuring Lunar C, Lefty, Soweto Kinch and Bobby Rex, then you can grab it yourself on PPV at the Sounds Like website (which is soon going through a revamp by the same legend who made THIS very website you’re reading this blog on – I’m bigging him up because he uploads this and could easily change this whole paragraph to read “I’m a nonce” 1,000 times. With great power…).