Adam offers a selection of writing and performance related services for both private individuals and corporate clients.


Shuffle loves a speech. Having been a best man himself three times (yeah, you read that right. Three), he took that experience and made it into part of his work. Now, he has helped over 30 best men and grooms in the last 2 years to make unforgettable speeches that blow guests away, with a hugely involved and in depth approach, working with you every step of the way with structure, timing and performance, your speech will be remembered!


Shuffle has been scribbling scripts, and scrawling screenplays for years. Whether it’s short films, radio plays, musicals, TV pilots, sketches, corporate advertising, he’s done it all, collaborating with huge names in all these mediums. With over 10 years of experience, his ability and flexibility to write to any brief is wicked. He’s also really handsome and can run faster than Alan Shearer from football.


Do you like Shuffle T battles? Of course you do. He’s great, isn’t he? Do you remember that compliment one? Ha! Brilliant, isn’t it? Have you ever thought “I wonder what he’d say about me/my mate/my nan?” Naturally, again, you have. Well, now, you’ve got the chance, buddy! You can get yourself a battle rap round written against anybody. You. Like. Just like a live battle round this is 3 minutes of targeted, original material aimed at those you love/hate/fancy. Tell them how you really feel.


Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can do, coach. Wise, perhaps alarming, words. Shuffle has been coaching rappers, battlers, poets, and writers for over 5 years and has a host of clients who have found their inner creativity and unlocked potential that has been hidden away. Whether you want to get better at rap writing, battle rap, want to sharpen your rhyming skills, practice your comedy, whatever it is, this is the place.


Get your bars ghost written by Shuffle T.


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“Working with Shuffle was a brilliant experience. He is quick, professional and totally understood the brief. His writing is smart, erudite and incredibly clever and his performance and vocal coaching are the best in the business. I found my inner grime artist by the end of the first session. Peace out.”

Rob ‘Judge’ Rinder