Do you love rap battles? No? Fair enough. Well, does somebody you LOVE love rap battles? No? Well then why are you here?

Well, look if you DO know someone who loves a clash, why not give them the gift of being absolutely roasted by one of the most watched battle rappers in the bloody country?

No, not Shotty Horroh, forget him, he’d be too expensive, anyway, I meant me, international, Instagrammable spirit animal, Shuffle T.


That’s right, I have been offering this as a service for years and it is one of my favourite things to do EVER. All I need from you is some information on the person I’m writing against and we are away. I’ll ask you a bunch of questions and you can let loose on the page until I have so much stuff to write about, I could make a terribly written biography.


  • Full battle rap round (3-4 minutes) of totally original material
  • Long multisyllabic-schemes, jokes and punchlines
  • Filmed by me and delivered to you as a full length video
  • All 100% tailored to your victim


This is a chance to get me to do something completely bespoke before I become a massive megastar and start charging £850 for a 20 second “Happy birthday” message.

Click the BOOK NOW button if you’re ready to get going. Complete the short enquiry form if you have any questions before booking, I’m happy to answer any questions and respond quickly.


I will create for you a full battle rap round (3-4 minutes) of totally original material, solely based on this one person. It’s just like a real battle rap round (except even better because I’ve been given all the dirt first hand, also there’s no chance of me choking because I’ll just edit that shite out).

There’ll be long multisyllabic-schemes, jokes, punchlines based on their bad habits, hobbies, embarrassing things they did at school, nicknames, exes, whatever we can think up.

It is then filmed by me and delivered to you as a full length video either as a file, or uploaded privately on YouTube so they can send it around.

The best thing is that it’s all 100% tailored to that person. It can be aggressive, it can be light, it can be complimentary, it can be for a specific event, it can EVEN be, as I’ve been asked to do recently, a marriage proposal (he said yes, by the way, that’s right, HE did, we’re in the 21st century, grow up).

What is a Rap Roast and the History Behind It?

Rap roasts are a form of rap battle where two opponents trade insults and comedic jabs at each other. It originated in the 1980s as part of hip hop culture and has since become an important part of rap battles.

The roots of rap battles can be traced back to the African American community in New York City, where rappers would challenge each other to see who could come up with the best rhymes and punchlines. Since then, rap battles have evolved into more sophisticated forms such as the rap roast, which combines comedy and wit with clever wordplay.

Rap roasts have become an integral part of hip hop culture over the years, providing a platform for aspiring rappers to show off their skills and creativity. As such, it is important to understand its history in order to truly appreciate its significance today.