THE best compliments rap battle ever? Many think so, check out this classic with over 1.1 million views to date.



A selection from the depths….


THE funniest battle of all time, of any league.


Massive respect to shuffle t and marlo for remembering so many bars over two battles


Shuffle T and Marlo in my opinion are the best tag team in the dont flop league!


Marlo n shuffle are the most entertaining team


Shuffle and Marlo are unbelievable


Amazing battle. When Shuffle says ‘your sperm on my face’ and the whole building goes mental, Marlo still manages to stay in the bit, major respect.


Marlo and Shuffle T battles are just gold. I can’t stop laughing. God.


Wow, this is the most vicious bodybag I’ve ever seen and it was a compliment battle. That is a new level of talent…


I still come back to this video when I’m depressed and it cheers me up every time.