Hello, everybody and welcome to Sounds Like #1, the only panel show that’s all about rhymes!

This is episode one of Sounds Like. An online panel show that some friends and I came up with in the second year of lockdown. Those friends being Liam Bagnall, who has directed and filmed battle rap event and other huge projects for years, Freddie Scott-Miller, AKA Cruger, exceptional battle rapper, co-founder of Don’t Flop and musician and Jamie Bleez, the co-author of the Advanced Rhyming Dictionary.


In January of 2021, we were all a bit bored, spending our time between Zoom calls and other, forgive my French, fucking bullshit like that. One day, pissed, me, Liam, Freddie and mutual friend and gifted filmmaker Charlie Hyams all got on a video call and we played what was then known as, “the multi game”. This is something I’ve done with friends for years: you have to guess what word/phrase/name I’m thinking of based on a rhyme and a short clue. It’s very fun and it’s addictive.

We played for hours until the consensus was reached: “this needs to be a game show!”

After a few discussions about what to name it, we landed on Sounds Like #1. Bleez and I got making a script, Liam and Freddie got to production, organising guests and timings, etc. They were both team captains on our very first episode. Freddie handled the edit and the rest is extremely recent history.

Since then, we have recorded 23 episodes with over 150,000 views and some of the most amazing guests, from comics like Rhys James, Phil Wang and Doc Brown to rappers such as Hollow Da Don, Kamakaze, Mike G, Dizaster, Shotty Horroh and Pat Stay, RIP.


We’ve developed it over the last (nearly) 2 years into something that celebrates rhymes, music, comedy and also brings out great talent and puts them in the same conversation so we can all laugh together. It’s fucking great, tbh.

Our show has grown a beautiful little fan base across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we’re so happy to see it continue to grow. This year, though, we wanted to ratchet it up a notch. We were determined to have our first live show. Not live online, live in the flesh. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.


We started planning months ago and the time is finally coming to be there and experience Sounds Like LIVE in the flesh for the very first time as three episodes are filmed on Sunday the 16th October in London’s prestigious 21Soho venue.

We’ve changed some elements of the show to mix it up and the guests we’ve got are absolutely out of this world, like Tom Rosenthal, Genesis Elijah, Helen Bauer, Red Richardson, Gemin1, Ogmios, Tony D, Joe Jacobs, Doc Brown, Quill, Dekay, Cruger, Bagnall, Arkaic… well, I was just going to name a few, but ended up naming them all. That’s how strong the line up is. It’s stronger than Mariusz Podinovski (Google him).

Liam and I went to see it the other day and it put the fear of God in me, it’s such a good venue and I am SO excited for the rush I’m going to get when we start our first episode of this amazing panel show.


Tickets are still available, and I would love anybody reading this to come to the event. It’s going to be absolutely wonderful and the more people in the room, the better, so please do consider coming down. Tickets really aren’t that expensive for a full day’s entertainment.

You’ll get a chance to meet all of us and the panellists, we would love to chat to everybody. Don’t be afraid to come over and say hello and grab a picture or just have a chat.